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School Board
The School Board is made up of -
 5 elected parents / caregivers of the pupils at the school
 The School Principal
 A Staff Representative, elected by Staff Members
 Co-opted members - if the School Boards wishes to co-opt
 The elections for B.O.T. members are held every 18 months and voting papers are sent to all parents / caregivers at the school.

ROLE OF THE School Board
To oversee the preparation of the School Charter.
 To establish policies to support the Charter
 To approve and monitor the school Budget
 To appoint school staff
 To provide training and development programmes for the Staff and School Board.
 To report annually to the school community on the School's achievements in
relation to the Charter

School Board Meetings and Minutes
Unless otherwise advised, the Board meets on the 4th Tuesday of each month in the
Library, starting at 6.30pm.
Reminders are contained in the newsletter. Observers are welcome.
Copies of the meeting minutes are kept in the School Office for parents to read.
When appropriate, copies of Policies to be reviewed are sent home beforehand for

CHAIRPERSON               Mark Zwies 
MEMBERS                       Blair Lindsay

                                          Sam Chandler
PRINCIPAL                      Mrs Tina Shaw 
STAFF REP                       Mr Terry Child 

    Up coming Events

Wellington Camp

24th -27th October

Pet Day

3rd November

Pre school Visits

1st December

Science Road Show

14th November

Tough Kids

29th November

Break up

14th December


    24 McCaughan Street

    R D 1



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