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Just prior to your child turning 5 at least 2 ½ days of schooling will be arranged to suit you and your child to
make the transition to school smoother.
Throughout the year we hold at least 3 pre-school afternoons a term. These are advertised in the School /
Community Newsletter and are for 4 year olds accompanied with a parent. You will also be issued with a
pre-school literacy kit which is provided by Invercargill East Rotary.
On the day that your child starts school, bring him/her along to the Office before school starts. A welcome
by the Principal will be followed by the official enrollment process, if this has not been done prior to your
child's first day. This process involves filling in forms and verifying age by checking the birth certificate,
please bring one along. After this you will be taken to your child's classroom. We also need to sight and
photocopy your child’s immunization documentation.
When your child starts school in accordance with our Shady Schools Policy, they will be issued with a wide
brimmed sun hat. This is to be worn during the warmer months. The hat remains the property of Hillside
The school will issue each child a High Viz Vest to be worn walking/biking to school, waiting for the bus
and any other appropriate time.
If your child has been absent, you are asked to send a note to school upon his/her returns. A phone call on
the day of absence is also appreciated.
There is a pie warmer at school and children may place food in it to be heated.
Some children bike to school and there are bike stands in the grounds for them to store their bikes. Any
child biking to school must wear a protective cycle helmet. Children are not to ride their bike down the
school driveway. It is recommended by the Police Education Officer that children under 10 should not ride
their bike to school.
We have an assembly twice a week (Monday morning and Friday afternoon) at which we talk about
positive things that have happened during the week. Parents are most welcome to attend these.
Certificates are awarded at each assembly to children whose work or behavior has been especially good
We have a compulsory uniform consisting of navy bottoms and over tops and white or navy tops & polar
fleece. These can be purchased from The Warehouse.
When representing the School at Sports events, the following uniform is worn Hillside T. Shirts, Shorts
(these are on loan from the Home and School and only for school use).
All children participate in our annual athletics day held in the first Term; this is held in Winton with
Hedgehope, Lochiel and Wallacetown. We also join these schools for the Cross country in Term 2. Hillside
also has teams in the Friday night touch competition held in Winton in Term 1 & 4. Often, if we have enough
interest we enter other competitions e.g. Soccer and Basketball. Parents are responsible for transport to and from events.
We run a school stationery store which sells exercise books and other stationery requirements. At the beginning of the year, a list of each child’s stationery requirements is sent home. These can be purchased at discounted prices at the school. Parents will be notified of any further requirements throughout the year. Accounts will be sent home at the end of each term.
Accounts for any stationery purchased and any other school expenses that the children have not been paid for will be sent home usually in the third last week of each term. As the school has already incurred these costs it is appreciated if parents could pay these accounts termly, please contact the school secretary if you wish to set up automatic payments or for details for online banking or if you have queries.
Every 2 years there is a school camp for the years 5-8. Camps we have organized are:
Borland Lodge, Deep Cove, Dunedin and Wellington. Payment for camps to be arranged before departure.
POLICE VETTING: All parents and caregivers that accompany students on school trips and camps will be expected to undergo a police vet. This police vet will last for 3 years.
Each year in Term 4 we have our pet day with lots of fun for everyone, jelly faces, sand saucers, flower arrangements, baking etc and let’s not forget the pets.
Each year we take part in the Swim Safe programme which normally takes place at the CSC Pool.
Annually the whole school participates in the highlight of our winter Education outside the Classroom program. The students have a choice of spending the day either skiing or skating. This day is always looked forward to and enjoyed by both parents and students. Parental help is vital to ensure this activity can continue. Details are sent home closer to the event.

School Garden
The children have been responsible for the development of the school vegetable garden. They have focused on propagation, growing and selling vegetables, using produce in cooking projects.
Digital Technology
Teachers have been involved in extensive professional development to enable them to guide and facilitate students in the effective use of ICT technologies. Our school is well equipped with computers with a ratio of 3:1 in the junior room and 1 laptop per student in the senior class. we also have digital photo & film equipment, digital projector, tablets, e-readers and Smart-TV’s.
Hillside School Facebook Page – which showcases school activities and achievements.
School Stream App – receive school information, instantly and directly to your smartphone, including newsletters, notices and reminders.

    Up coming Events

Hillside Disco

21st July

Skiing/Skating Trips

28th July

Pre school Visits

21st July

1st September

Hillside Science Fair

3rd August

Yr 7/8 Technology

7th-10th August


    24 McCaughan Street

    R D 1



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