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Student Council
Each year some year 7 and 8 students have the opportunity to be a student council member. These members meet monthly with the Board of Trustees chairperson and the Principal to discuss student based topics, suggestions and activities. Students learn leadership qualities as well as providing students with a “voice” and participation in the decision making process of their school. The student council also fund raise through student based activities like student discos. All funds raised are used to purchase something for the school and its student’s eg sport equipment, music epuipment etc.

    Up coming Events

Hillside Disco

21st July

Skiing/Skating Trips

28th July

Pre school Visits

21st July

1st September

Hillside Science Fair

3rd August

Yr 7/8 Technology

7th-10th August


    24 McCaughan Street

    R D 1



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